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  Medical Emergency

In the event that an accident or illness befalls one of your employees, or a visitor to your office area, please:

  • Call Emergency Services at 911.
  • Provide the Emergency Dispatcher with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your Building's name and address
    • Your specific floor number and exact location of the emergency
    • Any pertinent details of the accident or illness
  • Do not move the injured/ill person. Attempt to make them as comfortable as possible.
  • If feasible, send someone to meet the emergency unit upon its arrival in the lobby.
  • Call the Management Office at (703) 527-1212. Inform management that you have called 911 and briefly describe the nature of the emergency.
  • The emergency unit will be with you shortly and will administer all necessary medical assistance.
  • Determine, if possible:
    • Name, address and age of injured/ill person
    • The nature of the problem, as best you can surmise
    • All known allergies and current medications taken by the individual
    • A local doctor
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